"Dancing On My Father's Feet"
Picturesque Writing is Writing by Experience

By George Martinez, Christian Songwriters Resource & Songwriting the Journal

You may remember Jill Putzier from an earlier issue of the Journal.  Jill told us this in that interview: "I hope to address each experience in a manner that directs the listener to look to God for answers and resolution. When God is the source of answers and comfort in your life, then you begin to discover your identity as a really important, unique and valuable person in your own eyes, and in the eyes of God."  I think Jill accomplishes this in the songs she writes. 

We featured both her and her song, "I Want To Live For You Today".  Well, she has done it again.  She has written a picturesque song that tells a great story.  It is a good example of picturesque writing that draws you in with its story.


To reach someone meaningfully, it's sometimes necessary to speak directly to their heart.  That could be as simple as speaking directly to their emotions.  Many songs do this by using lines such as "I love you...".  But, it is a special song that does this with a less obvious approach. Jill does accomplish this by placing a person in a situation where you can sense the emotion without having to tell people what they should be feeling. She has triggered an emotional response by providing us with a scenario that moves us. 

This happens naturally when you write from personal experience.  Writing "personal experience" is putting into musical form something of significance that you have experienced.  It is telling us what is the most significant part of parts of that experience.  It is telling us "the rest of the story", as Paul Harvey puts it.  "Dancing" is not significant, but what makes it significant is when we realize that your good moves are really the good moves of your Father.  Her personal experience is suddenly interesting.  I can see them dancing together.  They have a loving relationship. Notice this: As you will see in Jill's song, she doesn't tell about dancing on her Father's feet.  She makes the experience her own. After reading this, take a moment to visit her website.  You'll find she doesn't just write a great song, she has a great voice, too.

Dancing on My Father's Feet
Written by Jill Putzier
Copyright 2000

"Good job" they say
But I know, no way
I could have done it on my own

Smiles and applause
They give because
They think I have touched their soul

But I've got something to tell you
These words that move and compel you
Aren't coming from the one up on the stage (because)
I take His hands
Stand on His toes
Look into His eyes so sweet
If I seem smooth
It's just because
I'm dancing on my Father's Feet

I praise you, God
My soul applauds
How you've made me so brand new

You gave me a gift
And Lord, I lift
All the glory back to You

If freedom's what you're needing
Then let go and let God do the leading
You've got to give the Lord control (you see)
Just take His hands
Stand on His toes
Look into His eyes so sweet
You'll be so smooth
But, it's just because
You're dancing on your Father's Feet

If you hold on to your Father
And let go of your surroundings
The way that He will use you
Will be utterly astounding

Just take His hands
Stand on His toes
Look into His eyes so sweet
Oh, look how smooth
You are because
You're dancing on your Father's Feet
Dancing on your Father's Feet
Dancing, dancing on your Father's Feet...etc.

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