I Can Reach That Far
Written by Jill Putzier
Copyright 2000

I see your whole heart
I know what your eyes see
I've watched every day start
You don't think of Me
You may feel you're awfully distant
Like some uncharted star
I love you with My Son's Life
But I can reach that far

I can reach that far
I know what you've endured
Have faith in Me, child
Your weakness will be cured
I can reach that far
You were seen from Calvary's tree
I've been thinking of you
Have you thought of Me?

You may not think so
But I am on your side
It's alright to let go
I will be your Guide
If you'd just accept My leading
Believe on Jesus' scars
Although you may be hiding
I can reach that far


No matter where you are now, just come
Look at where you're going
Not where you've come from


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