Make Me One Of Your Own
Written by Jill Putzier
Copyright 2000

You're seeking peace and understanding
A little shelter from the storm
I know a place that's always warm

You've got question after question
Rising from deep within your soul
It's hard to get things in control

If your life is troubled
And it's more than you can bear
God will take your burdens
If you offer up this prayer

God, I open the door
I ask You to come in
Be the Lord of my life
Cleanse me of all my sin
I've been wrong in the past
Chasing all my desires
I want to live now for You
Show me what that requires
I know Jesus died for me
I can't do it all alone
In His Name I request
Make me one of Your own

Once you've prayed, your future's locked up
The Book of Life will bear your name
Within you burns a Holy Flame

Feed that fire that glows within you
You'll feel your spirit start to grow
God's Word is all you need to know

Now you know the answer
And it's something you must share
Spread the news of Jesus
Lead a lost soul through this prayer


Your life will change in an instant
But you'll continue to grow the rest of your days
Just keep on walking with Jesus
You'll feel the blessings of God in so many ways


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